FIT – Improving the Leadership Health of Yourself and Others

By Jay R. Desko, Ph.D. & David A. Marks, D.Min.

Becoming a fit leader doesn’t happen by accident. But once you become a healthy and effective leader, it is easy to slide into bad habits. Before you know it, you’re back down to lifting five pounds when your team members need you to be lifting 50! This book will help you get your leadership back into shape by focusing on your health and your team’s health. $16.99

CHECK – Practical Checklists For Leaders

By Jay R. Desko, Ph.D. & David A. Marks, D.Min.

Sometimes simple is not only good…it’s right. As leaders, a simple checklist can help us identify what needs to be done, remind us to do it, and ensure that it gets done. These steps are important if we want others to have confidence that we know what we are doing, and we do what we say. Just like a pilot who has logged millions of miles has to complete a preflight checklist, so a leader should consult a pertinent checklist before making an important decision. This book is designed to help you do this. $14.99