Creative and compelling communication is an essential part of a healthy and effective organization. Yet, organizations often struggle in the area of creative communication due to a variety of different reasons. Our Communications & Creative Media Solutions will provide you with the expertise and direction that you need whether you are considering evaluating your communication effectiveness, beginning a new creative campaign, or wanting to grow your staff in their abilities.

Our solutions include:

  • A communications and creative media assessment to evaluate the current creative resources present in the organization.
  • Project advising for high-level direction for a large creative project.
  • Staff coaching for the creative director, communications director, or other staff member in need of training in the areas of idea generation, best practices, skill development, project management, or visual storytelling

The Center is a non-profit organization. Our fees are determined by the services you request and your ability to pay. Don’t let fees prevent you from contacting us. We will do all we can to find a workable solution for you.

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